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Claudie Cares

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Long or short, flowy or beautifully structured, skirts embody the essence of femininity. Always on trend and easy to coordinate, skirts effortlessly match the rest of your wardrobe. From the flawless lines of a pleated skirt to the whimsy of an embroidered hem or the poetry of ruffled details, these must-haves are endlessly creative and versatile. If one piece of clothing could encapsulate a woman’s personality, skirts make the most compelling case.

Skirts for Every Season of Life

As we ebb and flow, so do our wardrobe essentials. Feel your most carefree self in an enchanting mini-skirt, or let your glamorous side shine through in a wrap maxi skirt with a daring front slit. Put on a cozy knitted skirt when the mercury falls, or embrace the natural grace of linen as balmier days resurface. Every weather has its skirt. In these unique pieces, every mood finds its echo, whispering a reminder to be yourself.

Sublime Skirts by Claudie Pierlot

Claudie Pierlot’s collection of women’s ready-to-wear pieces features a dazzling array of skirts, each designed to encapsulate the poise of the feminine form. From colored denim and short leather skirts to monogrammed tweed models, knitted little numbers, or long pleated versions, the line plays around with shapes and materials to embrace variety. Emphasizing quality and grace, our selection also creates unity in a wardrobe that leaves room for the unexplained, the unapologetically you. From casual weekends to dressy evenings, Claudie Pierlot skirts always befit the occasion.

Playful Pairings for Every Skirt

Skirts lend themselves to infinitely creative outfits you can truly make your own. Take the shapes, colors, and materials in your direction, and let your preference speak for itself. For a surprisingly trendy aesthetic, try wearing a pencil skirt with a graphic tee shirt tucked in. A wonderful way to dress down this sophisticated staple. Skirt outfits also pair well with an oversized blazer, creating a welcome contrast by embracing a more masculine touch. Unless you prefer to show off your skirt by adopting a monochromatic ensemble highlighted by a statement belt and matching boots. Perfect for emphasizing the waistline and adding an element of gravitas to your silhouette. Or, go classic by wearing a button-down shirt tucked into a mid-length skirt. This creates the ideal vibe for a day at the office if you wear dressy shoes, though sneakers will lend the ensemble a more laid-back effect for the weekend.