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Ballet Flats

Adorable in their subtle simplicity, ballet flats are an ode to understated femininity. Yet, they also excel at cultivating their mischievous side, embracing a more modern take on the ballerina aesthetic. Paying homage to the world of ballet dancing, their classic charm entices at every turn. Ballet flats play around with shapes and materials, forever reinventing themselves and finding their rightful place within our wardrobes one season after the next.

Lovely Ballet Flats for Flawless Elegance

Comfort meets elegance in these dainty, unpretentious women’s shoes. Classic with rounded tips or square-toe Mary Janes, embellished with straps that wrap playfully around the ankle… ballet flats lend a light demeanour to every figure. As they gently hug the curve of the foot, these ballerina shoes create the perfect balance in a tasteful alternative to women’s sandals and women’s loafers to wear alongside your skirts and dresses. Paired with shorts, jeans, and trousers, they stand in for women’s booties or women’s sneakers, offering a modern take on these outfits.

Timeless Leather Ballet Flats by Claudie Pierlot

Claudie Pierlot’s ballet flats celebrate femininity through luxurious gold, mat black, or shiny black or red leather. Year after year, their classic lines remain timeless. An invitation to frolic and twirl to your heart’s content. These ballerina shoes are crafted from more sustainable leather certified by the Leather Working Group, embodying Claudie Pierlot’s commitment to quality, durability, and environmental standards. It’s up to you to match these lovely ballet flats to your personality.

The Perfect Pairings for Your Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are back in the limelight, offering a delightful alternative to sneakers and loafers and creating casual yet feminine outfits. Pairing options are infinite. In black, these ballerina shoes let you explore elegant versions of the combinations that were everywhere in the early 2000s. If you don’t love them alongside slim-cut jeans or shorts, a long, flowy dress suits them just as well, unless you prefer dressier trousers that taper down to the ankle. With their adorable straps, Mary Jane ballet flats soften up boyfriend jeans or emphasise your ankles revealed under cropped trousers. Ballet flats create the ideal outfit for spring alongside a mini-skirt and long trench coat. In autumn, go for longer trousers and a thick-knit cardigan or cosy jumper. And, for a more ethereal silhouette, lace up your ballerina shoes around your ankles and put on a long, flowy dress.