Claudie Pierlot takes a step to protect UNESCO Biosphere Reserves – now it’s down to you to become its ambassador.

Claudie Pierlot is working alongside Unesco in its commitment to supporting the Keystone Foundation by helping 100 women in India to diversify their revenue sources, whilst also improving their environment.
To support them, we have created a capsule collection of T-shirts featuring messages that are humanistic and engaged. Part of the profits will go to these women, and now we need you to embody the initiative! Find out more about the story behind this capsule collection, and how you can become its ambassador.



We are looking for ambassadors to be the face of the capsule collection and embody our commitment. If you are interested, go to our Instagram account and do the following:

1 Follow the account @claudiepierlot_officiel

2 Post a photo of yourself on a personal Instagram account in ‘public’ mode, and tag the account @claudiepierlot_officiel in the image.

3 Explain in a caption which of the three messages resonates most strongly with you from those featured in the #RiseUpWithClaudie capsule collection: ‘Only Human’, ‘Raise Your Hands Up and Love’ or ‘You’re my earth you’re my soul’, and tell us what you yourself are doing to exemplify it, as well as why you believe you are the ideal ambassador for the commitment made by Claudie Pierlot.

4 Tag @claudiepierlot_officiel and #RiseUpWithClaudie in the post caption.

T-shirt Only human

T-shirt Only human La rencontre


Tolerance, solidarity and sustainable development are values that resonate for all of us, and the messages in our capsule collection echo this:
"Only Human", "Raise Your Hands Up and Love" "You're my earth you're my soul"

The T-shirts will be on sale from March 5th, and a €5 contribution will be made to the Keystone Foundation for every T-shirt purchased.

To extend the initiative even further, Claudie Pierlot is looking for ambassadors who embody these commitments, and who will be the face of the capsule collection. Tempted?

T-shirt à message

T-shirt à message


The initiative is an opportunity for 100 women from the Nilgiri region of India to become ‘green leaders’ in their community, referred to as the Green Stewards of Nilgiri Biosphere.
They will be offered various training opportunities in eco-tourism, traditional medicine, sustainable resource management and on passing on their knowledge.
Thanks to this, the women will be able to diversify their revenue sources and improve their living conditions, whilst also boosting their culture and preserving their environment in a sustainable way.